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"Say U Say Me" comes on in the car, and my mom says, "This song always reminds me of giraffes~"

I initially thought it was because of the tropical-like sound the song has, but then I asked, “Why giraffes?”

Her response, “You know~ it reminds me of the little giraffe in the group~ (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)”

She was talking about N.


oh mom u qt.

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VIXX Albums: Leo

what if vixx were youtubers? 
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140106 (source), do not edit.

140106 (source), do not edit.

I will never understand how production staffs deal with them.


[PIC] 140330 LEO at Gimpo Airport.


The way I feel about Taekwoon forehead - is the same way I feel about Jaejoong forehead 

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